Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The early days of quizzing.

My first experience of quizzing was in a (well organised and very friendly) South Wales' quiz league. Amazingly twenty four of our valley's pubs were involved split into two divisions. We nestled in a lower mid table position in division two... fighting it out with other non-serious teams not to come bottom.

We comprised of players who were mostly 'in it for the crack' of visiting a different pub every two weeks with their comrades-in-arms. The main protagonists were Marshy who was not a per se quizzer but a general know it all, Rob who knew everything there was to know about popular music but nothing else, Pete who liked a pint and knew nothing about anything except flyng and breeding pigeons (which was never a topic likely to come up) and me a know it all (and quizzing naive) student.

Classic memories include Rob's answer to 'name the highest lake in the world' with 'it's a trick question because they are all the same height.' I guess as a keen fisherman all lakes started at boot level. Ron also often got rebuked by other teams when he would whisper answers during the individual rounds... shame the answers were always wrong. There was plenty of laughs and pints sunk and to top it off there were two or three teams below us at the the end of the season.

The quiz questions were not as difficult as the many pub quizzes I frequent these days but it was never solely about quizzing it was about friends, laughs and making new friends.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

First Post.

This is my own personal blog.  I'm presently in a job I hate and one day hope to make a living by runing my own business. It's a dream. 

 I also run a small hobby business writing quiz question on my website at  We supply general knowledge quizzes. Eighty well researched question per quiz. There's always a music, sport and general knowledge round. There's also plenty of free questions to download. Oh... and I also do a competition... identify 32 images to win a shopping voucher... all good fun!

It's early days but please call back to see my posts.